About Us

Our Mission

Integrated Sports Physiotherapy is founded to help people make a difference in their quality of life. Whether you’re active in sports/exercise, or just wanting to go for a walk with your dog, Integrated Sports Physiotherapy can help you further in the journey. 

Our Philosophy

At Integrated Sports Physiotherapy, we not only strive to reduce your symptoms, but also to equip you with the knowledge and tools for self management and prevention. Our vision is to promote “preventative physiotherapy” – physiotherapy for optimising physical health, not just to reduce pain. 

group of people exercising in gym

Through injuries and/or ageing, the human body is amazing at adapting. We are here to help you learn how your body is changing through different stages so you can look after yourself. 

Jamie Chen Sydney sports physiotherapy

Jamie is the founder of Integrated Sports Physiotherapy. She graduated from University of Sydney Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy (First Class Honors) in 2015. Since then, she has gained experience in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy from working in hospitals for a year, and almost 4 years experience working in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

She has treated a variety of conditions such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, lower back lifting injury, knee meniscal tear and plantar fasciitis. She enjoys problem-solving to find out the cause of patients’ symptoms. Outside of work, Jamie enjoys the outdoors (beach, trekking) and various activities (badminton, bouldering, gym/strength training, yoga). 

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